Jabberwocky Ecology

Evolution in the Multiverse

Today, I was watching a great episode of the History Channel show “The Universe“, which was exploring the concept of the nature of the universe. (On the off chance you are some type of physicist or astronomer who… Read More

Ecological Samuri

Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it well, the Samurai. – Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP, Product Management, Google

Who are you calling Vermin?

Last week, I enjoyed Marc Cadotte’s post over at EEB and Flow on learning that he had one of the worst jobs in science: Triage Biologist. I thought both the post was funny and also the fact that… Read More

Here be ecologists blogging

It seems that it was just time for ecologists to start blogging. We have recently come across two other ecology blogs: Ecotone (the official ESA News & Views blog) which has been kicking out a respectable 4-5 posts/week… Read More

Blogging the Origin

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are a new assistant professor), you are surely aware by now that Darwin’s 200th birthday is this week. However, unless you’re a certified blog-crawler, you may not be aware of… Read More

Definitely not the meaning of “non-significant”

Andrew Gelman over at Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science posted a hilariously awful story about the interpretation of a non-significant result he saw at a recent talk (I particularly love the Grrrrrrr at the end). I’m… Read More