Here be ecologists blogging

It seems that it was just time for ecologists to start blogging. We have recently come across two other ecology blogs:

Ecotone (the official ESA News & Views blog) which has been kicking out a respectable 4-5 posts/week on a combination of interesting papers and policy.


The EEB and flow which looks a fair bit like NCEAS circa 2007 and was started because

While there are some great science blogs dedicated to evolution (Dechronization and Evolutionary Novelties, for example) there is conspicuously little blogging of recent advances in ecology and evolutionary ecology. Thus an ecology blog was born.

I think EEB and flow has this one right. We’re definitely collectively behind the curve as a field in the blogosphere and it’s good to see that changing.

Looking through EEB and flow’s archives it’s interesting to see some parallel interests cropping up over there. Maybe it’s not surprising that we’re all excited about Darwin at the moment, but we also have paired posts on current challenges to scholarly publication, and after following the link from Marc Cadotte’s post on having one of the worst jobs in science (if this was me I would definitely find a way to get this on my CV) I realized that Morgan does too (you have to click through to image #4 due to a questionable web design choice). I guess that greatly procrastinating minds think alike.

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