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A message to journal editors/managers about RSS feeds

If you don’t have an easily accessible RSS feed available (and by easily accessible I mean in the browser’s address bar on your journal’s main page) for your journal’s Table of Contents (TOCs), there is a certain class… Read More

A quote and some random thoughts on plagarism

During the course of this long volume I have undoubtedly plagiarized from many sources–to use the ugly term that did not bother Shakespeare’s age. I doubt whether any criticism or cultural history has ever been written without such… Read More

Frequency distributions for ecologists IIb: CDFs and Kernel density estimates

Beyond simple histograms there are two basic methods for visualizing frequency distributions. Kernel density estimation is basically a generalization of the idea behind histograms. The basic idea is to put an miniature distribution (e.g., a normal distribution) at… Read More

Experimental ecology is dead, long live experimental ecology!

I read a handful of experimental ecology papers the other day. I liked some of them and didn’t like some of them. It wasn’t that there was anything inherently wrong with the ones I didn’t like, they just… Read More