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[Postdoc position] Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on ecosystem C and N dynamics in the Mojave Desert

If you’re looking for a quantitatively oriented postdoc in ecology this position with Kiona Ogle is a great opportunity. Ecosystem C and N Dynamics and Synthesis: A two-year post-doctoral position is available to work on a multi investigator,… Read More

Lawrence Slobodkin RIP

A nice piece in the New York Times (via Ecotone).

Frequency distributions for ecologists V: Don’t let the lack of a perfect tool prevent you from asking interesting questions

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day that made me think I needed one last frequency distribution post in order to avoid causing some people to not move forward with addressing interesting questions. As a… Read More

The broken peer-review system: a reviewer’s opinion

Many of us have had the feeling that something is not right these days with the peer-review system in science. Whenever I chat with colleagues about the peer review system, two issues consistently crop up: an increasing number… Read More

Why you should use a feed reader to monitor journal table of contents

A couple of weeks ago we made it possible for folks to subscribe to JE using email. We did this because we realized that many scientists, even those who are otherwise computationally savvy, really haven’t embraced feed readers… Read More

Frequency distributions for ecologists

This is a table of contents of sorts for five posts on the visualization, fitting, and comparison of frequency distributions. The goal of these posts is to expose ecologists to the ideas and language related to good statistical… Read More

Frequency distributions for ecologists IV: comparing model performance

Summary Likelihood, likelihood, likelihood (and maybe some other complicated approaches), but definitely not r^2 values from fitting regressions to binned data. A bit more nitty gritty detail In addition to causing issues with parameter estimation, binning based methods… Read More

Frequency distributions for ecologists III: Fitting model parameters

Summary Don’t bin you’re data and fit a regression. Don’t use the CDF and fit a regression. Use maximum likelihood or other statistically grounded approaches that can typically be looked up on Wikipedia. A bit more detail OK,… Read More

Email subscription now available for Jabberwocky Ecology

After writing about the importance of good RSS feeds for a particular subset of the academic community it occurred to me that part of the reason that we have such hit and miss implementations of feeds by journals… Read More

Beware of Reviewer based phishing scam

I’d recommend checking out this post by River Continua about an impressively sophisticated phishing scam targeted at academics. They’re going to catch a bunch of folks with this one. UPDATE: Apparently this is something that the EPA does… Read More