Email subscription now available for Jabberwocky Ecology

After writing about the importance of good RSS feeds for a particular subset of the academic community it occurred to me that part of the reason that we have such hit and miss implementations of feeds by journals is that most academics don’t even know what a feed is let alone actually use a feed reader. If this is you then we still want you to be able to get regular updates from JE, so last night I setup a new feed using Feedburner. What this means to you is that you can now subscribe to JE using email. If you follow the link in the upper right hand corner you will get a single email each morning that we post new content. If you’re curious about using our RSS feed instead, I’m going to try to put up a post in the next few days to explain the benefits of this approach over email for keeping track to Tables of Contents, so you may want to wait to see if you’re convinced to start using a feed reader.

Those of you who are already subscribed to our WordPress feed have nothing to worry about. It’s not going anywhere.

One Comment on “Email subscription now available for Jabberwocky Ecology

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