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Some things just shouldn’t be hidden behind pay walls

I have nothing against journals charging for content. While I like the open access model I think that there are upsides to both systems. But seriously, there really are some things that should not be hidden behind a… Read More

Biological Diversity in a Changing World – Royal Society Discussion Meeting

I’m going to be participating in a Royal Society Discussion Meeting and they’ve asked us to advertise this to interested parties so I figured I’d just post about it here. The meeting is on Biological Diversity in a… Read More

Blogrolling Scientific Programming Blogs

I’ve recently started reading two scientific programming blogs that I think are well worth paying attention to, so I’m blogrolling them and offering a brief introduction here. Serendipity is Steve Easterbrook’s blog about the interface between software engineering and… Read More

Laying the Groundwork for Change [Quote]

How then is it possible to modify and improve upon an academic culture populated by smart, creative individuals who are motivated by ideals more than by money, who have deep, intense interests, value substance over form, have little… Read More

PhD opportunities in Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology with Ford Ballantyne [PhD Position]

I went to graduate school with Ford and would strongly recommend that those looking for PhD opportunities on the quantitative side of ecosystem ecology consider the opportunity below. Ford is a smart guy, doing cool work, and he… Read More