Jabberwocky Ecology

Getting things done in academia

In a couple of days I’m participating in a panel to help young faculty be ready for their 3rd year review (the halfway step to tenure, which is kind of a big deal at my institution). This is… Read More

Faculty position in experimental conservation ecology

The Community and Conservation Ecology group at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, has a job opening for a tenure track assistant professor in Experimental Conservation Ecology (details below). This is a very impressive group that is headed by… Read More

MacArthur on generality in ecology

I just came across this great Robert MacArthur quote on Allen Hurlbert’s website: Ecological patterns, about which we construct theories, are only interesting if they are repeated. They may be repeated in space or in time, and they… Read More

Ideas in Ecology and Evolution

I just read the excellently forward thinking year end editorial of the new journal Ideas in Ecology and Evolution. The editorial was written by Lonnie Aarssen and Christopher Lortie and is filled with Aarssen’s trademark,creative, outside the proverbial… Read More

Upcoming meetings on metabolic scaling and ecology

There are a couple of upcoming meetings (or sessions of meetings) related to metabolic scaling and it’s relationship with/to ecology that I thought might be of some interest. The first is  a symposium at the 2010 Society for… Read More