Faculty position in experimental conservation ecology

The Community and Conservation Ecology group at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, has a job opening for a tenure track assistant professor in Experimental Conservation Ecology (details below). This is a very impressive group that is headed by Han Olff and includes Rampal Etienne and David Alonso. I’ve worked with all three of these folks and I have no doubts that working in this group would make for a very intellectually stimulating environment. So, if you’re interested in moving to the Netherlands, check out the ad below and put in an application.

The candidate is expected to initiate new research in the area of Conservation Ecology. He/she has to attract new PhD projects and build up a leading international position in this field. He/she is an excellent teacher who can motivate students of different disciplines and develop new courses on specific topics about this subject in the BSc and the MSc programmes. Teaching duties include the supervision of bachelor, master and PhD students.

The appointment will be on a temporary basis for a maximum of 6 years. On completion of 5 years of employment there will be an assessment of performance based on established criteria including research and teaching qualifications. If the outcome of the assessment is positive, the assistant professor will be promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure. At the end of a further 5-7 year period there will be another assessment aimed at a promotion to full professor.

The candidate should be a scientist capable of leading a research line in the field of Conservation Ecology, with emphasis on an experimental, field-based approach in his/her research. He/She should be able to establish an independent line of research of high quality so that after a term of five years sufficient international exposure and reputation will guarantee the candidate to sustain a sizeable group in the aforementioned research area. He/She will supervise PhD students, postdocs and technicians that are directly appointed under his/hers responsibility. Our institute can offer existing excellent opportunities for experimental research in the nearby WaddenSea (salt marshes, coastal dunes, intertidal mudflats). Also, existing field sites supported by lang-term monitoring datasets are available in inland species-rich grasslands, often grazed by large herbivores. We seek a candidate who is able to integrate classic work in understanding long-term vegetation dynamics with novel work on self organization, biocomplexity, food webs and interaction networks, through combining observational, experimental (emphasis) and theoretical approaches. In this, candidates with a zoological or botanical background, or both, are welcome.

Applications for this position should be received no later that 15 February 2010. For more information about the position, and the detailed application procedure, see: www.rug.nl/biol/cocon.

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