Blogrolling graduate student ecology blogs

We’ve recently been following a couple of blogs by graduate students studying ecology and have been enjoying them enough that we thought we’d point folks in their direction.

Transient Theorist is a first year PhD student interested in quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches to ecology. How could we not love his blog. Particularly good recent posts include Ups and Downs and Intimidating questions.

Karina at Ruminations of an Aspiring Ecologist is a third year PhD student who travels to remote foreign lands for field work (we love her use of – Ukenzagapia – to pseudonymize the location). Good recent posts include Timescales in graduate school and Even more of my life in comics: writing to professors.

We are glad to see graduate students blogging for a variety of reasons. First, graduate school can sometimes be an incredibly isolating experience in that it can feel like some of the difficult situations are unique to you, when in fact hundreds of students are going through exactly the same thing. Having a cadre of students writing about these experiences helps their readers feel less alone in their struggles. As faculty we also appreciate the opportunity to be reminded of the graduate student perspective on academia. We’re not too far out of graduate school, but it is already difficult to recall what a committee meeting was like from a student perspective. Reading students thoughts, especially the sort of honest presentation of internal thoughts made possible by pseudonymous blogging, helps remind us that things often look very different to students than they do to us, which (we hope) helps make us better advisers, committee members, and teachers. Third, it provides opportunities for mentoring and interaction beyond the traditionally defined boundaries of one’s own department or university. Finally, and most importantly, it helps to build the nascent community of ecological bloggers. If you know of other good blogs by students studying ecology let us know in the comments.

8 Comments on “Blogrolling graduate student ecology blogs

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  2. Thanks Ethan!

    Check out Sarcozona perhaps; she studies (and blogs about) global warming, pinon pine mortality, plants, extinction and statistics, as well as other topics (politics, life, equality, music).

  3. Thanks Theo (the name is very funny btw). I’ll definitely have to check out her blog.

  4. Thanks for the mention! It always thrills me to pieces when my blog gets blogged by other bloggers. I’ll follow yours now!

  5. I’m flattered Theo recommended me here, but I must admit that there is much more “other” on my blog. I blame it on the fact that I’m still an undergraduate and have a bit more time for shoes, politics, & cookies than the average grad student.

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