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Postdoctoral position in macroecology, quantitative ecology, and ecoinformatics

We have a postdoc position available for someone interested in the general areas of macroecology, quantitative ecology, and ecoinformatics. Here’s the short ad with links to the full job description: Ethan White’s lab at Utah State University is… Read More

PubCreds: Paying for journal submissions with reviews… or maybe we should just use money

The peer review system has recently been under increasing pressure as the number of papers submitted has been skyrocketing. Jeremy Fox and Owen Petchey have recently proposed a new system for fixing this, so called, “tragedy of the… Read More

Some days…

Some days I really wonder whether the bureaucratic infrastructure at institutions of higher education has any idea whatsoever that their job is to support the research and teaching missions of the university.

The top idea in your mind [Things you should read]

Successfully doing creative science is hard. The further along you get in a research career the more things are competing for your time and energy and the more distracted you are from your primary goals. This distraction becomes… Read More

Towards a unification of unified theories of biodiversity [Things you should read]

Our inaugural Things you should read post is about Brian McGill’s new paper on unifying unified theories of macroecological patterns. One of the major challenges to understanding ecology is that there are so many different ways to characterize the… Read More