Ecology on the Web [Things you should read]

Jarrett Byrnes‘ first turn at the helm of the ESA Bulletin’s Ecology on the Web feature is now up. It’s definitely worth a look. I learned about Scratchpads, a really cool looking project which automatically sets up an “easy to use, social networking application that enable communities of researchers to manage, share and publish taxonomic data online.”

If you like to contribute information about your web-based efforts to further the field of ecology, check out Jarrett’s blog post on how to contribute. Thanks Jarrett.

UPDATE: Corrected the link to Ecology on the Web

One Comment on “Ecology on the Web [Things you should read]

  1. Thanks for the plug! I’m hoping we can get more great ecological content from the web out in the Bulletin in the future. It’s a big world out here, and I feel like there’s a real disconnect between the online and offline world in Ecology. Should be fun!

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