Oikos has a blog? [Blogrolling]

Thanks to an email from Jeremy Fox I just found out that Oikos has started a blog. It clearly isn’t on most folks radars (I represent 50% of its Google Reader subscribers), and Jeremy has been putting up some really interesting posts over there so I thought it was worth a mention. According to Jeremy:

I view the Oikos blog as a place where the Oikos editors can try to do the sort of wonderful armchair ecology that John [Lawton] used to do in his ‘View From the Park’ column. I say ‘try’ because I doubt any of us could live up to John’s high standard (I’m sure I don’t!). I’m going to try to do posts that will be thought-provoking for students in particular. Oikos used to be the place to go with interesting, provocative ideas that were well worth publishing even if they were a bit off the wall or not totally correct. It’s our hope (well, my hope anyway) that this blog will become one way for Oikos to reclaim that niche.

I think they’re doing a pretty good job of accomplishing their goal, so go check out recent posts on the importance of hand waving and synthesizing ecology, and then think about subscribing to keep up on the new provocative things they’re up to.

9 Comments on “Oikos has a blog? [Blogrolling]

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ethan. Just trying to keep up with you young ‘uns today and your weblogs and tweeps and Faceplants and GeoCities (GeoCities still exists, right?) 😉

  2. GeoCities is nothing, I still have boo.com stock, use Mozilla as my browser, and have a Prodigy email address. I put the ‘old’ in ‘old school’.

  3. And I still call it the information superhighway, and you really need a 56K modem to access it because 33K is really slow. And the best way to search it is with
    Alta Vista, they have millions more websites indexed than other search engines. And I know (because all the pundits tell me so) that the only way anyone will make money off it is B-to-B (business-to-business) sales. Business-to-consumer sales will never take off, because people are too worried about security of their credit card details and they prefer to drive to the mall to do their shopping.

    Okay, this is making me feel too old, so I’m going to stop now. All these jokes are a sad reflection of the fact that I was a freakin’ undergrad when the web started to take off. I lived through all this stuff…

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  5. Please note, for the sake of propriety, “GeoCities” should be pronounced like “atrocities”. It’s a key mistake so many make.

    And yay Oikos blog! Quite enjoying the young upstart!

  6. Thanks for the heads up. One of my favourite journals – yeah I can have a favourite journal.

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