The Ecological Data Wiki

Here at Weecology we’re really into open science and that’s why we’re excited to announce our first serious attempt to facilitate open science beyond the confines of our own research – The Ecological Data Wiki.

The idea behind this project is simple. There is a large and rapidly increasing amount of ecology related data available thanks to initiatives sponsoring the collection of large-scale data and efforts to increase the publication of already collected datasets. As a result, progress in ecology is increasingly limited by the speed at which we can find and use existing data. The Ecological Data Wiki is intended to serve as a central source for identifying datasets that are useful to the study of ecology and quickly figuring out the best ways to use them. The idea is to use the knowlege and effort of the entire ecological community to compile this information rather than relying on each scientist to contribute information for their own studies. Just think of it as the Wikipedia of ecology data.

We’re just getting things off the ground, but we’d love it if you’d come by, take a look around, and if you think you can be of help sign up, learn how to get started, and contribute. We’re currently in private beta, but you can generally expect to have an account activated within about 24 hours.

Let us know what you think about the site and any suggestions you have in the comments. If you’d like to chat about the wiki (or anything else) in person, Ethan will be presenting on this during the Wednesday poster session at ESA.

5 Comments on “The Ecological Data Wiki

  1. Awesome, thanks for working on this guys!

  2. That’s a great question Jarrett. My response started getting so long that I decided to turn it into a full post, which will hopefully be up prior to ESA (sick child permitting).

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