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An excoriation of for-profit academic publishers

George Monbiot has just published a piece in The Telegraph berating for-profit academic publishers that will surely be castigated by some as over the top hyperbole and praised by others as a trenchant criticism of the state of… Read More

Changes in NSF process for submissions to DEB and IOS*

As some of you may have heard, the BIO directorate at NSF has implemented some sweeping changes to the proposal process. Some of you youngsters may be unaware what the ‘old’ system was, but it involved two submission… Read More

Weecology at ESA

If folks are interested in seeing what Weecology has been up to lately we have a bunch of posters and talks at ESA this year. In order of appearance: Tuesday at 2:30 pm in Room 9AB our new… Read More

Some meandering thoughts on the difference between EcologicalData.org and DataONE

In the comments of my post on the Ecological Data Wiki Jarrett Byrnes asked an excellent question: Very cool. I’m curious, how do you think this will compare/contrast/fight with the Data One project – https://www.dataone.org/ – or is… Read More

Navigating ESA

Next week is the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America. If you’ve ever been to ESA, then you know it’s….big, often between 3000-5000 ecologists (which I thought was big until I heard about some of the… Read More

Distributed Ecology [Blogrolling]

I’ve been waiting for a while now for Ted Hart’s blog to get up enough steam to send folks over there, and since in the last two weeks he’s had three posts, revamped the mission of the blog,… Read More