NSF Pre-proposal guidelines/instructions

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the information for 2014, checkout the DEBrief post for links.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the information for 2013, here’s an updated post.

Since I have now spent far too much time on multiple occasions trying to track down the instructions for the new pre-proposals for NSF DEB and IOS grants I’m going to post the link here under the assumptions that other folks will be looking for this information as well (and also finding it difficult to track down).


Happy post-holiday grant writing to all.

UPDATE 1: Also note that the Biosketches are different for the pre-proposals (changes noted in bold-italics)

Biographical Sketches (2-page limit for each) should be included for each person listed on the Personnel page. It should include the individual’s expertise as related to the proposed research, professional preparation, professional appointments, five relevant publications, five additional publications, and up to five synergistic activities. Advisors, advisees, and collaborators should not be listed on this document, but in a separate table (see below).

UPDATE 2: Though it is not explicitly clear from the link above, Current & Pending Support should NOT be included in pre-proposals (thanks to Alan Tessier for clearing this up).

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