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Three ways to improve impact factors

It’s that time of year again when the new Impact Factor values are released. This is such a big deal to a lot of folks that it’s pretty hard to avoid hearing about it. We’re not the sort… Read More

The NSF Preproposal Process: Pt 2. A promising start.

When last we left our intrepid scientists, they were starting to ponder the changes that might result from the new pre-proposal process. In general, we really like the new system because it helps reviewers focus on the value… Read More

The NSF Pre-Proposal Process: Pt 1. Judging Preproposals

Before we start, this post refers to posts already written on this topic. To make sure no one gets lost, please follow the sequence of operations below: Step 1: Do you know about the new pre-proposal process at… Read More

Metabolic Basis of Ecology Meeting [Announcement]

Are you interested in stoichiometry? Energy flow through individuals, communities or ecosystems? Implications of organismal physiology? Do you like macroecology? Field experiments? Lab experiments? Theory? Are you particularly interested in integrating various combinations of the above? Every four… Read More