Metabolic Basis of Ecology Meeting [Announcement]

Are you interested in stoichiometry? Energy flow through individuals, communities or ecosystems? Implications of organismal physiology? Do you like macroecology? Field experiments? Lab experiments? Theory? Are you particularly interested in integrating various combinations of the above? Every four two years, people with a general interest in talking about metabolism and how it impacts various aspects of ecology and evolution get together at a Gordon Research Conference focused on the Metabolic Basis of Ecology. The topic is broadly defined and this year is organized around the theme: The Metabolic Basis of Ecology and Evolution in a Changing World. One of the nice things about the meeting is that its typically small ( < 150 people) and includes a lot of broad thinkers. If you’ve never attended a Gordon Conference before, they are organized around invited speaker sessions, small poster sessions, and scheduled time for meeting and interacting in between. You have to apply for the conference before you can register, but the deadline for those applications is imminent (June 24th). The meeting is July 22-27, 2012 at the University of New England (Biddeford, ME). The list of speakers and other information about the conference can be found here.

2 Comments on “Metabolic Basis of Ecology Meeting [Announcement]

  1. Dang it! Apparently my subconscious was hoping I had 4 years before I had to organize it! I’ll fix that!

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