Weecology at ESA 2012

Sadly, Ethan and I are missing ESA this year, but our group still has a strong presence this year. In fact you can see a weecologist every day of the conference if you so desire! If you’re at ESA and want to know what the weecologists are up to, go check out our various talks and posters. If you’re like us and can’t make it this year but want to know what’s going on, you can follow the conference on twitter, just search for the hashtag:  #esa2012 . Twitterers, we are depending on you to keep up informed on the cool talks you see!

Our group’s talks/posters organized by day are below. Names of current weecology members are in bold and former weecologists in italics, titles linked to ESA abstract if you want to know more.



Poster Title: Macroecological life-history trait database for birds, mammals, and reptiles

Authors: Elita Baldridge, Nathan Myrhvold, S.K. Morgan Ernest

Info/Location: PS 19-218



Talk Title: Experimental macroecological approach tests the influence of biotic interactions, species richness, and abundance as determinants of the species abundance distribution

Authors: Sarah R. Supp, S.K. Morgan Ernest

Info/Location: 4:20 pm, F151 Oregon Convention Center


Poster Title: Bird and mammal sampling strategies: NEON’s contribution to the continental-scale ecology of vertebrates

Author: Katherine M. Thibault

Info/Location: OPS 2-6



Poster Title: The adequate currency for community-level energetic constraint based on Maximum Entropy

Authors: Xiao Xiao, Ethan P. White

Info/Location: PS 57-165



Poster Title: Developing an agroecological approach to biomass scaling and branching architecture using orchard trees

Author: Zachary T. Brym

Info/Location: PS 79-153



Talk Title: Strong self-limitation for rare species across environments and taxa

Author: Glenda M. Yenni

Info/Location: 10:10 am, A103 Oregon Convention Center

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