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Should Long-term Data be Open Access: Fears, Anecdotes, and Data

From how we do science to publishing practices to the sociology of science, there isn’t an aspect of the scientific endeavor that isn’t in flux right now. Long-term readers of Jabberwocky know that understanding how the scientific endeavor… Read More

PORTAL: The times, they are a’changin

Originally posted on The Portal Project:
Updates on temporal community dynamics, and a whole new project scheme. Things have been quiet on the portal blog lately. But in the lab and the field, it has been anything but.…

Blogrolling: the Portal Project [updated]

[Update: A little bird pointed out I didn’t have a link to the actual Portal blog. That has been remedied along with a link to the Portal Project website for those who’d like more info on the project]… Read More

The story behind the paper: Xiao et al. 2016

This is the story behind “Comparing process-based and constraint-based approaches for modeling macroecological patterns” by my former PhD student Xiao Xiao, James O’Dwyer, and myself. Background I was on sabbatical in the fall of 2013 and was doing… Read More