Blogrolling: the Portal Project [updated]

[Update: A little bird pointed out I didn’t have a link to the actual Portal blog. That has been remedied along with a link to the Portal Project website for those who’d like more info on the project]

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the new data paper from my long-term field site, the Portal Project. Most of you probably have no idea that there is also a blog associated with the field site that shares stories from the field and observations of interesting things going on down there. You’re forgiven for not knowing it existed because we have not been really good about posting on it for the past year or so. But we’re trying to change that! One of the things we really liked about the blog was that a mix of people used to follow it – some scientists, but also people who lived locally around Portal, AZ or had helped out down there at sometime over the past 30 years and were just curious to know what was going on. My student Joan Meiners, who has a strong interest in science communication, is helping out on the blog with some posts to help kickstart things. We’ll be reblogging some of the posts here as well. If you think they look interesting, click on the reblog to take you to the post on the Portal Blog. If not, just ignore! We’ll also highlight Portal Blog reblogs using the [PortalBlog] tag in the title.



5 Comments on “Blogrolling: the Portal Project [updated]

  1. Maybe you could post a link to the blog here?

  2. Speaking of people who used to work at the site! Thanks for stopping by, Erin!

    The link was at the bottom of the post, but your suggestion to put it at the top was a good one. Definitely easier to find there. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Morgan! It didn’t come up as a live link when I read the post the first time, but maybe it was my browser. It’s fun to hear about Portal again.

  4. I just checked out the portal page and I have to say the people who look like their dogs made my Monday!

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