Way too many examples of graduate students not getting their paychecks

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of mistakes resulting in graduates students missing paychecks. This is a major problem because most students live month-to-month and can’t wait for a missed check to be fixed in the next pay cycle. Despite the commonness and dramatic impact of missed pay in graduate school*, it’s common to see these issues written off as isolated incidents and not part of a more systematic problem. As a counterpoint to this idea, here are just some of the responses to a single tweet about this problem.

If you’d like to add your own experiences either post them to Twitter (responding to or quote tweeting the original tweet or tagging me @ethanwhite; I’ll keep updating this post as new experiences come in) or post a comment on this blog post.



*As a number of folks have noted this issue is also a real challenge for lots of folks both at universities (adjuncts, postdocs, and even professors) and beyond. I couldn’t agree more. That said I think there are some unique things related to graduate students that make the occurrence of these mistakes more common (like the fact that at many universities they are “hired” at least once and often 2-3 times/year; more on this soon) and I also think it’s OK to highlight and attempt to fix general issues within specific populations.

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